Friday, September 28, 2012

5 Holiday Marketing Ideas for Health and Wellness

Don't fall into the tempting trap of believing that the holidays are a slow time of year and a time to rest and tackle personal holiday planning. By creating a holiday marketing plan, a health and wellness practitioner can ensure a profitable holiday season that carries over into the New Year. Here are five healthy marketing ideas that clients will love and remember.

1. Gift your customers: The holidays are a time for giving, so it's a great opportunity to offer clients and prospective customers a useful reference guide. Consider creating a Holiday Survival Guide with ideas on how to reduce stress and increase health and wellness.

2. Include your customers: People love to share recipes, so consider asking your mailing list and followers to contribute recipes and compile into a useful healthy holiday cookbook. Be sure to add your own favorite recipes as well. Possibly hire a graphic artist to make the cookbook attractive.

3. Spread some cheer: The way to a client's heart is often through their stomachs. A batch of healthy cookies or banana bread along with the recipe and your business card is a nice way to spread some cheer and connect with strategic networking partners.

4. Give back: Attract positive PR opportunities and give back to the community by organizing a health event for donations to a worthy cause. A healthy workout class or cooking demonstration in return for Toys for Tots collections or food pantry items are ideas that would get attention from the media through a well timed press release.

5. Creative thanks: Memorable end of the year thank you gifts to clients is a fun way to show appreciation. Think outside the box with items that would be useful and health supportive. Perhaps wooden spoons emblazoned with a company logo, healthy recipes, meal planning templates, or a basket of healthy samples and coupons.

Wellness Programme Ideas

If you're still looking for ideas on where to steer your wellness programme for this year, here are a few suggestions for 2012 based on what I have found to be successful with participants.

All of these interventions are in line with the key objectives for any wellness programmes which are to provide:

1. A variety of exciting initiatives

2. Motivation towards individual behaviour change

3. Practical advice people can act on right away to help them feel great

As long as you cover these vital areas, your initiatives will be successful. So what's been working well and what could you try for your organisation?

A Healthy Eating Plan for your business

The plan is designed to help staff across the country experience great energy throughout the day. The plan includes ideas for meals, snacks, drinks, restaurant choices and healthy eating on the go. There's also a shopping list and some template ideas for how to design the food routine that works for every individual.

Benefits: Basically, it's all anyone needs to eat well every single day.

Corporate challenge

A popular event is a 5km corporate challenge. We have seen some impressive times from the whole group. Those who took part were elated with their results. Those who came along to support were inspired towards achievements of their own.

Benefits: A fantastic team event that caters for all levels of fitness

Wellness modules for Leadership Programmes

All management and leadership programmes benefit from a wellness component.

Benefits: It's a great opportunity to help staff discover how to get the most out of themselves mentally and physically, personally and professionally. Helps all of your leaders take their performance to the next level.

Friday, January 23, 2009

What You Has to Know about Cellulite Massage

Cellulite massage is a type of massage, which is aimed on cellulite reduction and control, improving the condition and look of the skin in problematic areas, relieving muscle tension and improving overall health. The main effects of cellulite massage caused by stimulation of blood and lymph circulation in problematic areas of the body. Besides, massage stimulates metabolism in the top layers of the skin, resulting in cellulite reduction and lowering the amounts of extra fat. Therapeutic effects of cellulite massage also include elimination of various toxic substances and elements from the body, as well as a great assistance in putting off weight. Finally, cellulite massage stimulates collagen, elastin and protein production in the top layers of the skin, resulting in improving skin elasticity and firmness.